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Skull and Crossbones LARP

Denmark, 2019

Skull and Crossbones LARP, organized by Sailing4Adventure, is a four days LARP that takes place in the Pirate Society, on two Sailing ships on the Baltic Sea.

Here we are, mates! I'm now becoming Molly Feddersen, a danish pirate, runing away the danish army. Molly just joined a new crew as a Rigger. The army is behind us, far away. But we're only sailing for a few hours when they come closer and closer. Now. I can hear the bosum shout the orders. The doctor has to run to heal enjured mates. Cannons are spitting! The battle finally stops, and the Danish Army go away. We have to call our Carpenter. Later we meet an unfriendly pirate ship, the Ortenzia, that will be ravaged during the night.

The next morning, accosted to the ... Island, we'll have to find the grave of Störtebecker. A ghost came to meet us today and we have to save her soul and bring her love, Störtebecker, back to life by giving his head back. We find it on the beach. Tonight, we will come back and do the ritual. I'm charged to take care of the head. As we sing near the grave, the Störtebecker's ghost and his crew come appear to us as spirits. He orders me to give his crane back, promising he will take me as first mate forever. But my whole crew murmur me to throw the skull in the fire or we will all die. I stay there, during two long minutes, I don't know what to do. But I cannot trust an angry spirit. I'm sure he won't take me as first mate, but just kill me as the rest of the crew. I choose to throw the skull in the fire. And Störtebecker Revenge is dead. This is the end of the game.

3. Return

Now is time to go back home. With my swiss friend, we choose to go back to Switzerland by hitchiking. We will need about 24hours to reach Fribourg (CH), where we finally take our last train to come back home. Now let's the allday life start again.

If I intrigued you, perhaps you may watch this video...

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