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And all started...

"All I want is to see the sea." That's what I answered.

For a few months, I was bored about my life. One day, discussing with a friend, he asked me: 

"- Okey! Then what could you do to change that?

  - I would like to play theater again. Or travel.

  - Huh... I cannot do anything for you about playing theater. But if you want, one day, we could travel together.

  - Okey. Where and when.

  - ... As soon as you want, I'm free actually. Where would you like to go?

  - Okey. Let's go in direction of the North Sea. Next month. All I want is to see the sea."

And we left Switzerland for France just with our backpack. That was the first time that I travelled this way, the tent on the back, thumbs up. And that was a revelation. That was the solution. 

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