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Into the Game of Thrones...

I wish I was a fox. She told me. I think in another life I was a fox. Or a mermaid. This day, I found the little sister I never had.

* * * *

As we were looking for a lift, thumbs up, on the road, a car stopped. It was a woman, purposing us to drive us, but only a few kilometers, near a farm without any village close... Of course we preferred to wait for another car. She was about to leave when she got another idea:

Wait! I'm going to take a walk with horses but if you have time, after that, I can drive me to my home, and you could take a shower, and eat, and then I could bring you a bit further. That's how we ended to a beautiful house with a porridge bowl in the hands. And that's how I met her...

As we arrived in the house, I saw a little girl, still sleepy, messy hair, with a plush and a book in her hands. At this moment, her mummy said:

Honey! Look! I found two strange guys on the road!

I was surprised that her daughter was not so surprised. After less than five minutes, she adopted me. She couldn't let me leave. Quickly, our new friend offered us to spend the afternoon together. She showed us "The hill where the water ascend the slope" and the Tollymore Forest, where they shooted The Game of Thrones scenes.

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