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A legend in the lake of Ireland

It was soon the end of our trip in Ireland, but we still didn't face any rain. Today it finally came. Clouds were arriving near Sligo, and soon, the first drops fell. We ran under the porch of a church to check the map when:

"Hey! Do you need a lift?"

A man in his car purposed us to take us and bring us to his home where we could take a shower and sleep. Of course we accepted.

When we entered in his home, we saw a mysterious object... a weapon. An old sword green by rust. He noticed our looks on his sword. He sit down, take a deep breath, and told us the story, with his cup of tea in the hands.

"One day, as I was going to swim in the forest, I saw something special in the deep of water. I chose to dive to take the mysterious object back. I found this sword and of course, I brought it back to home. A few days after, I received a letter from a man, saying:

Hi. I know you found my sword. You're not the first one to take it, but please, for personal reason, I ask you to bring it back where you found it. Thank you. -

Of course we started imagine all the most crazy stories about this sword! That it was cursed, that it was an old sword belonging to one of his ancestors, that it served during wars... We wont ever know...

The next day, our host purposed us to drive us a few kilometers closer to Dublin, and to make a stop at this lake to put the sword back.

We took the chance to assist at this incredible event.

We get out of the car and follow him to the edge of the lake. Arrived near the water, he took of his hat, take a solemn moment, and in one movement, he threw the sword in the lake. The mysterious sword flowed in the dark water. We stayed there for a few seconds more, and left.

Travelling offer us so many uncredible experiences...

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