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College of Wizardry LARP

Poland, October 2018

The College of Wizardry LARP, organized by Dziobak LARP Studios, is a four days larp that takes place in Wizarding World, in the Czocha Castle in Poland. 

6am. I join my friends in Geneva. In a few minutes, we’ll take the road to go to Lesna in Poland. The journey through Germany take all the day and we arrive at 11pm at Czocha Castle, the place where the game will be played.

In the black night, my friend an I enjoy visiting each corridor, each room and each secret passages in the undergrounds of the building.I fall asleep in a room of the castle. Tomorrow my two roommates will rejoin me. One of them is from Sweden, and I heard about the other one who comes from Dubaï. I’m looking forward to meet them both. I’ll live there for four days. 

The next day in the morning, I wake up and see at the other side of the window the towers, and, further, the forest crossed by Kwisa River. The sun is brighting in the blue sky. We’ll have a free day to discover the surroundings of the castle before the game start in the evening.

This evening, I’m gonna become Tess Laurenz, a junior student from the green Molin House in the College of Wizardry, studying on the Guardian Path.

I pass these four days, following lessons of Alchemy, Magical Defense, Invocation and some ten other subjects. But Tess find her lessons annoying and she prefers to play the Fireball tournaments with her team. Maybe she would rather listen to the lessons because in some days, exams! Finally she get good notes and she’s admitted in the professional fireball team. Tonight, she’s got the ball. It is already the end of the game. 

I’m Elisheva again… these four days were absolutely amazing. I met some beautiful people from so many countries… the one who played my dear Invocation’s professor, Mr. Salomon, from Poland , my lovely molinian friend Alvilda from Germany, my favorite fireball player and friend, from Taïwan, my acrobatics partner from America… But it’s already time to take the road to go back to home. 

I’m gonna miss you all.

PS: If I intrigued you, take a look on the video!

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